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Services We Provide

Small System - Compact Size, Quick to set up, Great for small settings, Loud enough for approximately 200-300 people    Click HERE for more information

Medium System - Medium in size, Fairly easy to setup, Great for small to medium size events,  Loud enough for approximately 300-500 people       Click HERE for more information

Large System with lots of power, Fits most large events or venues, Large amount of outboard audio equipment and effects, compressors, gates, Loud enough for approximately 500-1000 people                           Click HERE for more information

Custom System - Designed by us to meet your specific sound system needs, Large Audio System coverage with lots of extra power, Covers indoor and outdoor large events and venues, Loud enough for approximately 1000-5000 people, Can be designed to cover 2 ares's (locations) at the same time.            Click HERE for more information

Sound Engineers - Need an extra hand? We can provide you with trained, skilled engineers or crew call for our current rates. -          Click HERE for more information
Lighting Systems - We can provide variuos configurations of stage lighting and effects.                      Click HERE for more information

A great sounding audio system is no accident!
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