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Large Size Sound System - Specifications and Description



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 This large size Tri-Amped audio event system having more than enough power and sufficient Main Speaker FOH Sound to be used in large outdoor setting. combined with the additional large amount of additional equipment, i.e; premium Microphones (hand-held) corded or wireless, Floor Monitors and Main Speakers, Power Amps, Processors, EQ's, Gates, Compressors and Effect Processors and more. This system will do the job for your average band, show or event and is sufficiently large enough for a full eight to ten piece band to give concerts all day & night long. There are many purchasable options and back-line equipment available along with staging, stage lighting, AV equipment, power generator and more all to support your complete event package. A audio engineer will be on duty during the entire event. *Audio engineer is not provided as a DJ/KJ, but will assist as reasonably possible during your event.

Capability 1: This audio system is loud enough for approximately 500-1500 people in a normal outdoor setting.
Capability 2: The (4) 15" Bi-Amped Main Speakers with Horns can be elevated, stacked or flown (depends on stage or ground) to provide depth of coverage for a setting of approximately 1000' X 2000' and still remain clear in sound at depth using approximately 1000 watts RMS or 103db for each speaker.

Capability 3: The (2) Pure-Sub 50-125Hz 18" Sub Speakers & Cabinets can be elevated, stacked or flown (depends on stage or ground) have sufficient enough bass power and still remain clear in sound at depth using approximately 1200 watts RMS each.

Capability 4: The (6) Full-range 12" Floor Monitors w/Horns have sufficient enough power to cover a stage or setting of your show or event or large enough for a full 12 piece band. Stage coverage is approximately 18' x 24' with sound wings using approximately 300 watts RMS for each monitor.

Flat Rate $995.00 and up, (4 hours)

We work very hard to earn your trust and your business no matter how small or large your event needs are!

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  • Professional equipment, run by skilled engineers.


  • No charge for setup and breakdown!


System Contains:

Large Sound System (Tri-Amp):(10) Microphones, Stands and cables (any choice), (2) 18" 1,200 Watt Sub Speakers, (4) 15" 1,000 Watt Speakers w/Horns Stacked, (2) 800 Watt Stereo Amplifiers, (2) 1,200 Watt Stereo Amplifiers,  (1) 24 or 32 Channel Mixer w/4 subs, (6) 300 Watt Floor Monitors (1) Monitor Rack with (3) 300 Watt 2 Channel Class "A" Amplifiers (6) In-line EQ's, processors. Other outboard gear, (2) Stereo Digital Effects Processors, (8) Gates (8) Compressors and much more!


Our system working for Soul Vaccanation who is on stage at "Who's On Third" McMinnville Oregon 2010


A great sounding audio system is no accident!


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